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Combine cold calling with strategic email communication


The Call-Mail-Call strategy involves initiating communication through a phone call, providing additional information or documentation via email or traditional mail, and concluding with a follow-up call. This sequential approach aims to establish initial contact, deliver detailed information, and reinforce communication through a second call for clarification or further discussion.


The optimal goal is always to arrange introductory meetings Conference-Calls, which are then carried out with the client or Conference-Calls.

The minimum goal is to send individual emails with more detailed information about your product/services.

What does it take?

  1. We reach a new customer base defined by you or we will make you suggestions (example 300 new contacts within potential new customer accounts for you).
  2. We can provide these contacts
  3. We will set up a German telephone number for you where we can contact the specified targets
  4. We get an idea of your product/service and create a telephone guide based on the AIDA model. Of course, you can also use this telephone guide independently for yourself and with your team.
  5. You must provide an email address within your company so that we can appear on the market in your name.
  6. We start with at least 2 hours of activity per day in the DACH market on your behalf.

How exactly do we proceed?

First we want to reach every contact and talk to them about the relevant issue/your product/service and only then

Send out a targeted email that is individually tailored to the conversation.
In a next step

The target person is contacted again (follow-up) to determine their interest in more detail and take the appropriate next steps.

How are the individual contacts evaluated?

Firstly, there are the different Phases in which the contact is:

In addition to the different phases, the quality of the individual contacts is assessed again after the discussions, in the so-called Lead Status:

What does an overall overview look like?

The entire dashboard automatically draws its information from the entire campaign so that you as a customer always have a transparent overview of the status of your campaign.

So what does To-Play stand for in Call-Mail-Call? And how exactly does it stand out?

The ‘To-Play’ expresses the playful nature and ease with which the campaign is carried out on our part in combination of the Leadstatus and the Phases. All that combined we achieve the goals we have set in a playful and transparent manner.