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Plannable new client acquisition strategies and implementation | For Software & IT-Companies with 5-25 employees with the fokus on IT services & IT products who wants to grow in the german speaking market



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About Us

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NEW-PM-SALES was founded to enable Tech-companies outside Germany to build up the lucrative german-speaking market through our experience in sales combined with a deep understanding of IT and the industrial landscape in Germany.
We have a deep understanding of Key Account Management, Sales, Marketing, the  GER, AUT & CHE culture and the german language. The same applies to the special features that need to be taken into account when addressing large target companies for IT Consultancies & software companies in this market directly.
From new customer acquisition strategies with a transparent marketing & sales system until the creation and implementation of customer presentations & webinars. 

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For Software & IT-Companies with 5-25 employees in the field of digitalization who wants to grow in the DACH market (German-speaking market)

Sales in the area of IT around digititalization needs special skills

Selling software products and IT services to medium-sized businesses and large corporations (national and international) in the area of digitalization is more complex than selling simple goods, for example. In addition, the sales cycle for financial decisions in this area often lasts several months and often has a project character due to the associated process changes. For this reason, in addition to specialist knowledge, skills such as patience, the right instinct, but also the knowledge of what needs to be done in each phase of the sales cycle are immensely important for success in the DACH market, in order to be able to successfully operate the market development and expansion. Another factor is that in the tech industry in particular, sales and marketing have already gone digital. If you do not position yourself authentically on all platforms, actively manage your digital market presence strategically and operationally, and play lead generation across all channels, you will definitely grow more slowly than your competitors and steadily lose market perception.

We Are Experienced in pushing the following technologies in the DACH Market

Gain your best fititing Customers with a professional Key Account Management. Plannable new client acquisition strategies and implementation. For Software & IT-Companies with 5-25 employees. Fokus on IT services & IT products. Grow in the DACH market

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